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Native woodland in Iowa

Iowa State Program Helps Urban and Suburban Homeowners Practice Conservation In their Own Backyard

As Iowa becomes a more urbanized state, conservation is needed in the cities and towns just as much as the agriculture fields! Folks at Iowa State University are working hard to expand the resources available for those that want to practice conservation in their own backyards. Backyard conservation practices can make a big difference for wildlife diversity in the cities, help stabilize soil, and help improve water quality in urban areas.

Ron talking to farmers in front of a corn field

Making a Difference for Kansas Water Quality

Some of us measure a career in terms of years. Ron Graber, extension watershed specialist for Kansas State University, uses a whole different yardstick.

“When we start a career, we hope to make a difference,” said Graber. For him, that success is measured in innovative partnerships, successful management strategies, and improved water quality.