About Us

North Central Region Water Network partner map

The North Central Region Water Network is a 12-state collaboration designed to enhance connectivity across regional and state water projects, develop and carry out integrated outreach and education efforts, and coordinate projects with measurable short and long-term environmental and social impacts. The network is overseen by an Extension based regional director, a team of Extension appointed state contacts. 

We advance stewardship of and equitable access to clean and abundant water by facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and by leveraging and sharing resources across land grant institutions in the North Central Region. 

We seek to

  • Create learning experiences and networking opportunities to enable water professionals and leaders to better serve their constituents and communities.
  • Support extension-led teams that address current and emerging water issues that span multiple states.
  • Increase the social, economic, health, and environmental benefits of improved water quality in a just and equitable way.
  • Promote extension water-related research and programming.


The North Central Region Water Network is a catalyst that empowers professionals and leaders to solve water challenges.


Extension provides the bridge between applied research and the people, organizations, and communities who use that research to enhance decision-making.  At the North Central Region Water Network, we work to strengthen that bridge by:

  • Enhancing Connectivity
  • Building Strong Teams
  • Diversifying Funding
  • Developing Extension and Front Line Resources
  • Generating Benefits to People and Natural Resources