Soil Health Nexus

Soil health is critically linked to issues such as nutrient losses to surface water, climate change, erosion, and ultimately farm profitability. Moreover, the benefits of healthy soil are key in mitigating  extreme wet and drought events.

Since 2015, the Network has supported the Soil Health Nexus,  is a university-led team dedicated to increasing access to research-based soil health knowledge, extension and resources, structured around research, extension and outreach, and resources and communications with representatives from all 12 North Central Region states.

Collectively, the team works to:

  • Maintain and grow our inventory of soil health research, training, and educational resources.
  • Produce regional publications, videos, webinars, and blogs relevant to soil health and manure research and management practices.
  • Develop regional research projects to promote conservation systems and practices such as cover crops, and no-till technologies that will lead to the improvement of soil and water quality in the region.
  • Form a research and education technical committee that will serve as a regional infrastructure for future development of new science in the area of soil health and manure management.
  • Continuing to grow participation among land—grant researchers, Extension staff and educators, and other partners to ensure access to locally relevant soil health and manure information across the North Central Region.
  • Build capacity in each state’s Land Grant system to deliver soil health training, research, and resources.

For more information on the Soil Health Nexus, visit their webpage, attend one of their upcoming Soil Health Digital Cafes, or explore their soil health toolbox.