The Mississippi and Atchafalaya River Basins (MARB) Watershed Leadership Network

The Mississippi and Atchafalaya River Basins (MARB) Watershed Leadership Network is an inclusive group of farmer and non-farmer leaders who are working in their communities and states to reduce nutrient pollution to the Mississippi River and shrink the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

Through the network, members can build their capacity for leadership in watershed management in the following ways:

  • Build and strengthen relationships with other agricultural leaders and watershed professionals within government agencies, nonprofits, and land grant universities across the region who are also helping to implement state nutrient reduction strategies
  • Expand their knowledge in both the research and practice of agricultural and watershed management
  • Participate in improving the coordination and delivery of educational programming across the region

The network represents the 12 states that are part of the Hypoxia Task Force: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Our work is connected, from Heartland to Gulf

Farmers, fishers, and watershed professionals across the region are working together to address Gulf hypoxia. Watch this video and learn why this matters.

This video showcases the 2019 Great Lakes to Gulf Watershed Leadership Summit, an activity of this network.

Peer-Learning Opportunity: Life Hacks over Lunch, A Meet-Up Series for Watershed Professionals

Taking place in fall 2021, this free, virtual, monthly meet-up series is a peer-learning opportunity for watershed professionals to share ideas and advice for solving real-life challenges of watershed projects.

Learn more and register >>

Join the Network Listserv

If you are a farmer, ag industry professional, watershed professional, researcher, or Extension specialist who wants to connect with others around the Basin who are working to protect soil and water resources, we invite you to join the network listserv.

To join, send an email request to Jenny Seifert.

The Confluence Newsletter

We shared the latest news, perspectives, and opportunities related to watershed management, policy, research, and funding in the Basin through a quarterly email newsletter called The Confluence. We sunset The Confluence with the last 2021 issue to prepare for the launch of an exciting new initiative. While you stay tuned for that initiative’s launch, we invite you to read the past issues:


Tap Your Potential: A Training to Grow Farmer Leadership in Watershed Management. This curriculum is designed for use by outreach professionals and educators who work in agricultural watersheds and seek to empower more farmers to get involved in efforts to improve water quality and soil health. Learn more >>

Human Capital blog series: Gain insights and learn stories that will help you tap your full potential for watershed leadership through this new monthly blog series. Read >>

Training Needs for Farmer Leaders: The network produced a needs assessment of training and programs to cultivate leadership among farmers and farm advisors in promoting and implementing practices that reduce nitrogen and phosphorus loading to waterways in the Basin. Download the report >>

Great Lakes to Gulf Watershed Leadership Summits: The network has hosted two summits for representatives from across the region to share practical approaches and develop strategies for increasing farmer and farm advisor engagement in watershed management and conservation practices.

Summit Materials: