The Current Webinar Series

The Current is a speed networking webinar series for professionals engaged in water-related extension, research, and conservation activities. The North Central Region Water Network and Extension Directors from all 12 North Central states are sponsoring this series to highlight the best water-related research and Extension programming in the region. Webinars will run for 60 minutes, with three 10-minute project snapshots and 30 minutes of QA/peer-to-peer interaction.

Upcoming Webinar

Nutrient Reduction Best Management Practices in Cold Climates
Wednesday, April 14th at 2pm CT

In April 2019 partners across the Red River Basin of the North came together for a workshop to examine the available research on the effectiveness and suitability of nutrient reduction agricultural beneficial management practices (BMPs) in cold climates. Our April edition of The Current Webinar series will feature three workshop organizers who will discuss the workshop, how it came together and why more discussion around nutrient reduction BMPs in cold climates is needed. Speakers will also share the main research gaps identified and the BMPs the group broadly agreed were highly effective in reducing N and/or P loading in the basin.

Featured Speakers:

  • Mike Ell, former Environmental Administrator at the North Dakota Department of Health
  • Jason Vanrobaeys, Senior Land Resource Specialist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Mitchell Timmerman, Agri-Ecosystems Specialist at Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development


Most Recent Webinar:

Drought Scenario Planning Interactive Guide
Wednesday, March 10th at 2pm CT

This month’s webinar showcased the work of the North Central Region Water Network’s drought team! The team, led by the National Drought Mitigation Center,  developed an interactive guide to help Extension professionals and communities better plan for droughts. This user-friendly interactive website helps educators and communities understand, plan and prepare for future drought. Tune in to hear about this new resource!

Featured Speakers:

  • Tonya Bernadt, Education and Outreach Specialist, National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
  • Deborah Bathke, Education Coordinator, National Drought Mitigation Center, and Associate Research Professor in the School of Natural Resources at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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