FEWscapes is a research and engagement project led by scientists and educators at UW-Madison to advance knowledge and support decision-making for food, energy, water, and ecosystem security in the Upper Mississippi River Basin.

The team, which includes Network staff, is made up of researchers and extension specialists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison who are connecting with agricultural and natural resource professionals, policymakers, and other scientists and educators across the region.

The team is working to envision a future with thriving agricultural landscapes in the Upper Mississippi River Basin that provide communities greater food, energy, water (FEW for short) and ecosystem security, and that are resilient to climate, economic, and political changes.

As a scientific project, the team is working toward the following goals:

  • Enhanced understandings of viable options for increasing food, energy, water, and ecosystem security in the region
  • Stronger connections between research and decision-making through the integration of stakeholders’ perspectives and goals with our scientific capacities
  • Next generation policy and management frameworks and decisions that treat food, energy, water, and ecosystems as interconnected systems and reduce risks from abrupt and long-term changes

The North Central Region Water Network is serving as a part of the FEWscapes team and leading the project’s stakeholder engagement efforts.

Learn more about the FEWscapes team at fewscapes.wisc.edu.