Building Capacity for Watershed Leadership and Management in Twelve Mississippi River Basin States

The Mississippi and Atchafalaya River Basins (MARB) Watershed Leadership Network works to  enhance learning among farmer and non-farmer leaders engaged in watershed management across Hypoxia Task Force member states in the Mississippi and Atchafalaya River Basins (MARB).

The network is drawing from existing watershed training programs and successful farmer-led watershed efforts and bringing the best of those programs to high priority watersheds in Hypoxia Task Force member states.

In addition, the network is working to:

  • Strengthen relationships among watershed leaders, agricultural leaders, and state and federal agencies addressing nonpoint source pollution to improve implementation of state nutrient reduction strategies
  • Expand the knowledge base by coupling high-quality agricultural and watershed management research with practice-based knowledge of farmers and watershed leaders
  • Improve coordination and delivery of educational programming across much of the MARB

To date, the network has conducted a needs assessment of watershed training programs and programs that cultivate farmer and farm advisor leadership in increasing nitrogen and phosphorus use efficiency in the 12 HTF states. Check out the full report.

The network has also hosted two Great Lakes to Gulf Watershed Leadership Summits. The Summits included representatives from across the region who outlined practical approaches for increasing farmer and farm advisor engagement in watershed management and established strategies for increasing conservation practice adoption.

Check out this video by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food, and the Environment on the 2019 summit and how fishers, farmers, and partners are coming together to address gulf hypoxia.

Join the network listerv to participate in network projects, provide feedback on training opportunities, and join the conservation! To participate, first join the group by sending an email to

Network Materials:

The Network recently started a quarterly newsletter, the Mississippi River Confluence, which includes stories from members, the latest policy and research updates and basin news and events.  You can view the newsletters below: