The Current

The Current is a speed networking webinar series for professionals engaged in water-related extension, research, and conservation activities. The North Central Region Water Network and Extension Directors from all 12 North Central states are sponsoring this series to highlight the best water-related research and Extension programming in the region. Webinars will run for 60 minutes, with three 10-minute project snapshots and 30 minutes of QA/peer-to-peer interaction.

Next Webinar: 

Stay tuned for May webinar information! 

Recent Webinars:

  • Laura Christianson, University of Illinois: Choose Your Own Adventure: New Materials Describe Ten Conservation Drainage Practices
  • Jane Frankenberger, Purdue University: Transforming Drainage Through a Collaborative Research, Extension, and Stakeholder Network
  • Chris Hay, Iowa Soybean Association: Advancing Conservation Drainage in Iowa
  • Dave Gustafson, University of Minnesota. Presentation: Minnesota’s Perspective on Connecting System Owners to System Performance
  • Steve Safferman, Michigan State University. Presentation: Phosphorous in Onsite Wastewater: Pollutant to Resource

February 15, 2017: Communicating Conservation

  • Kristin Runge, UW-Extension, Muddying the Water: How Frames Affects Our Perceptions of Science Issues
  • Michael Dahlstrom, Associate director of the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication at Iowa State University

January 18, 2017: Aquatic Invasive Species

  • Tim Cambell, aquatic invasive species outreach specialist for the University of Wisconsin-Extension, UW Sea Grant, and the Wisconsin DNR
  • Paul Skawinski and Erin McFarlane, University of Wisconsin-Extension:  Wisconsin’s Citizen Monitoring program for aquatic invasive species, and Clean Boats, Clean Waters
  • Jo Latimore, Michigan State University:  Michigan’s Citizen Monitoring program for aquatic invasive species
  • Eleanor Burkett, University of Minnesota Extension:  Minnesota’s NEW AIS Detector Program

Instructions for Accessing Webinars

Please take a few minutes to test your computer equipment. You may need to update software so test your equipment a day or two before the webinar event.

Blackboard Collaborate – First Time Users

We use Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) for the audio portion of these sessions. You will need computer speakers or a headset in order to listen.

Help and Technical Support

The top technical issues:

1. A common problem a first-time user may encounter is the installation of meeting.jnlp or meeting.collab. Although the file is automatically downloaded, it requires administrator rights for the computer being used before it will install. Sometimes this file will initiate installation on its own. If it does not, you will need to locate the file and start the installation process manually. If you are unable to install meeting.jnlp or meeting.collab please login with your administrator account and reinitiate installation. If problems persist,  check with your local computer administrator for assistance.

2. A Java applet is used to make the connection between your computer and the online conference. A computer may be running an earlier version of Java so that it can continue to work with older software.  To use that computer the version of Java will have to be updated. If this is not practical, consider using another computer for connecting to the conference.

In addition, you may be able to participate via your cell phone. Check your app store for the Blackboard Collaborate app.