Lois Wolfson of MSU Awarded Distinguished Academic Staff Award

This story was originally published on MSU today and has been edited and republished here.

Photo Credit: Michigan State University

NCRWN is excited to announce that Lois Wolfson was recently awarded Michigan State University‘s Distinguished Academic Staff Award!

Lois, who is a critical member of our leadership team, was awarded this honor for her exemplary record of outreach, teaching, research and service and unwavering commitment to the management, protection and preservation of Michigan’s waters.

Lois has been a champion for water resources in Michigan and beyond for more than 38 years. Throughout her remarkable career, she has advanced understanding of water resource protection and management, and supported connections with colleagues and peers to help them succeed.

Wolfson has a knack for building and maintaining networks among water resource stewards in Michigan and nationwide while contributing her own expertise and enthusiasm. She frequently serves as the linchpin of interdisciplinary and multi-organizational partnerships including the North Central Region Water Network, and is vital to the success of these enterprises.

A dedicated instructor in and out of the classroom, Wolfson teaches the techniques of the trade to fisheries and wildlife students. She has been pivotal in the development and delivery of successful, long-term outreach and extension programs, including the “Michigan Lake and Stream Leaders Institute,” a leadership training program that develops citizens into effective water resource stewards, and “Introduction to Lakes,” an online course that has earned several prestigious awards for bringing the understanding of lakes and their management to statewide and national audiences. For 26 years, she has organized the no cost, open-to-the-public Great Lakes Conference at MSU.

Photo Credit: Michigan State University Institute of Water Research

Lois has also served as a mentor to countless students and peers, offering support, insight and humor. An MSU Extension colleague wrote, “I have always found Dr. Wolfson wise in her counsel and generous with her time. She is dedicated to helping students and peers develop the skills and expertise they need to achieve success.”

Responsiveness to emerging water issues illustrates Wolfson’s approach to outreach. She immediately responded to the Flint Water Crisis in 2016 by co-authoring an MSU Extension bulletin for homeowners, “A Guide to Home Water Treatment,” along with several news articles on lead in home water supplies. Most recently, she served on the program development team for “Water School: Essential Resources for Local Officials,” which was designed to deliver relevant, science-based information about water science and the management of Michigan’s water resources to encourage sound decision making by local officials in the management, protection and stewardship of Michigan ‘s water resources. Wolfson provided her critical expertise throughout the curriculum’s development and specifically helped develop and present the “Water Quality” unit.

Congratulations Lois on this much deserved honor!

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