Join our #What4Water Campaign to Highlight How Land Grant Universities and Partners Work for Water and People

Across the North Central Region, it takes many villages and many partners to provide the research, education, and outreach for protecting water resources and ecosystems. Often their work goes unsung. Well, the North Central Region Water Network feels like singing, and to the tune of our #What4Water Twitter campaign!

Through #What4Water, we will amplify the amazing work you and your colleagues are doing for water and people across the Midwest and Northern Great Plains. And we invite you to join our “Twitter blitz”!

There are two ways you can participate in the campaign. The first is to send the following information to Grace Hershberg at, and we will produce a tweet for you to broadcast through our Twitter account, @northcentralh2o

  • A 1-sentence description of a program, resource, or action you do (professionally) for water and 1 sentence about why you think it matters
  • A photo of yourself, preferably doing something with or around water
  • The Twitter handles for you and the organization you are affiliated with, if applicable 

The second way is to share your own #What4Water tweet using the hashtag and tag @northcentralh2o. We’ll be sure to retweet you!

The campaign will begin August 3rd and run through early fall. 

We hope to see you in our Twitter feed!

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