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Bioreactor Installation Field Day

June 11, 2019 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Edge of field practices like bioreactors, wetlands and saturated buffers are key to reducing nitrate loss from agricultural land in Iowa. Through a natural biological process microorganisms living in the systems use the incoming nitrate for respiration and reduce the nitrate levels from incoming tile drainage. Together with in-field practices like cover crops and no-tillage, these practices will help reach the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy goals.

Field day attendees will have the opportunity to view and learn about the installation of a new bioreactor on Leimer’s farm. Following the meal, the agenda will feature Lee Gravel, environmental specialist with IDALS, and Olie Leimer, Buena Vista County farmer and landowner discussing how they worked together through the planning process and opportunities for financial assistance. A demonstration by the Iowa Learning Farms Conservation Station On The Edge trailer will highlight what is happening beneath the surface in bioreactors and saturated buffers to set the stage for Brian Heinsohn, LICA member and owner of Heinsohn Digging and Tiling, to lead attendees to the installation site to view the bioreactor mid-construction. Jim Jordahl, director of programs and operations with IAWA, will discuss how IAWA, LICA and their partners in the Conservation Infrastructure initiative are helping contractors create new business lines around these practices in order to create jobs and increase revenue while improving Iowa’s water quality.


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