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2018 Midwest Cover Crops Council Annual Meeting

March 13, 2018 - March 14, 2018

Midwest State Updates
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Ontario, South Dakota, Wisconsin

MCCC Partner Updates
SARE, National Wildlife Federation, Practical Farmers of Iowa, North East Cover Crops Council, Southern Cover Crops Council, CTIC

Keynote Speakers
Play to Win with Sustainable System: Clark Seavert, Economist, Oregon State University and Ray Weil, Soil Scientist, University of Maryland
Voices of the 1930’s: When the Soil Blew Away: Daryl Ritchison, Interim Director, NDAWN

Breakout and Discussion Session Topics
Soil Health and Cover Crops – Eileen Kladivko (Purdue)
Mycorrhizae and Rhizobium – Heike Bucking (SDSU)
Conservation Tillage and Cover Crops – Yvonne Lawley (U Manitoba)
Grazing Cover Crops – Kevin Sedivec (NDSU)
Cover Crops and Corn Silage – Matt Ruark (U Wisconsin)
Economics of Grazing Cover Crops – Doug Landblom (NDSU DREC)
Compost and Manure Management – Mary Berg (NDSU CREC)
Pollinators – Frank Forcella (ARS, Morris)
Interseeding and Relay Cropping – Russ Gesch and Heather Matthees (ARS, Morris), Burton Johnson (NDSU)
Intercropping Alfalfa in Corn – Marisol Berti (NDSU)
Economics of Interseeding – Dave Ripplinger (NDSU)
Cover Crops and Soil Fertility – Dave Franzen (NDSU)
On-Farm Cover Crop Experiment Results – Abbey Wick (NDSU)
Regional and National Trends in the Adoption and Use of Cover Crops – Rob Myers (U of Missouri, SARE)
Suppressing Weeds with Cover Crops – Anita Dille (KSU)
Cost of Species Mixes vs Cereal Rye Use on the Farm – Liz Juchems (ISU)
Cost of Erosion – Jamie Benning and Liz Juchems (ISU)
Disease Management when Using Cover Crops – Alison Robertson (ISU)
Cover Crop Benefits to Soil Health – DeAnn Presley (KSU)
Picking your Cover Crop by Function – Ray Weil (U of Maryland)
Play to Win with AgBiz Logic – Clark Seavert (Oregon State University)
Nematode Control with Cover Crops – Guipin Yang (NDSU), Angie Peltier (UMN)
Cereal Rye as a Tool – Liz Juchums (Iowa State U), Abbey Wick (NDSU)
Planting Green – Matt Ruark (U Wisconsin), Abbey Wick (NDSU)


March 13, 2018
March 14, 2018

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