Soil Health

Soil health is critically linked to issues such as nutrient losses to surface water, climate change, erosion, and ultimately farm profitability. Moreover, the benefits of healthy soil are key in mitigating  extreme wet and drought events. Activities and resources associated with this priority issue support all aspects of soil health that lead to the concurrent achievement of agricultural productivity and water quality goals.


Regional Soil Health Capacity Building

Manure and Soil Health: Understanding and Advancing the Science

Soil Health Nexus


The Current Webinar #4: Soil Health: What Do We Know, What Can We Do?

The Current Webinar #9: Application of Cover Crops in the Midwestern U.S.

The Current Webinar #16: Innovations in Manure Management

The Current Webinar #17: Developing a Land-grant Institution Soil Health Network in the North Central Region

The Current Webinar #30: Cover Crops for Health Soils, Water Quality, and Water Availability

The Current Webinar #34: Manure, Water, and Soil Health

Regional Publications

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