The Confluence for Watershed Leaders

Investing in people to achieve clean water goals

The Confluence for Watershed Leaders is a collaborative and community of practice for people working for healthy watersheds in the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, and Red River Basins on the U.S. Midwest and Mid-South. It is a forum for watershed coordinators, conservation professionals, watershed educators, and engaged farmers and landowners to connect, learn, and increase their success in achieving clean water goals.

The Confluence builds the capacity and confidence of watershed leaders by improving their access to professional development, peer learning, and resources, and by amplifying their stories and successes.

As a new initiative, The Confluence is still growing and developing opportunities to support the success of watershed leaders.

Current Opportunities from The Confluence

Join the online community

If you are a conservation professional, educator, farmer, or landowner in the U.S. Midwest or Mid-South who leads or supports watershed projects and/or groups, we invite you to join our free online community. It’s a gateway to support and a sense of being part of something bigger. Join >>

Life Hacks over Lunch: A Meet-up Series for Watershed Professionals

This free, virtual meet-up series is a peer-learning opportunity for watershed professionals to share ideas and advice for solving real-life challenges of watershed projects. Learn more >>


While currently organized by the North Central Region Water Network, The Confluence is a collaboration between the following land grant universities, nonprofits, and federal agencies. We all share the goal of building human capital for watershed management and conservation.

  • Sand County Foundation
  • Soil and Water Conservation Society
  • Fishers and Farmers Partnership
  • Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
  • Michigan State University Extension
  • Mississippi State University Extension
  • Ohio State University Extension
  • North Dakota State University Extension
  • Purdue University Extension
  • University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture
  • University of Illinois Extension
  • University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension
  • University of Minnesota Extension
  • University of Missouri Extension
  • University of Nebraska Extension
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • River Network
  • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency