Virtual Shop Talks for Farmers

A series for farmers to learn practical ideas from peers and experts

This virtual Shop Talk series is an opportunity for farmers to have meaningful conversations with other farmers and experts about practical ideas and programs that can help them have success with stewardship practices on their farms.

Chat farmer-to-farmer about your experiences, challenges, and solutions, and connect with like-minded farmers who share your interest in having a profitable operation, healthy soils, and clean water.

This free series is open to farmers across the Midwest and Mid-South.

There are no upcoming Shop Talks at this time. 

Previous Virtual Shop Talks

Winter 2021: Resource stewardship in hard times

Stress is not new to farmers, but 2020 was something else. During challenging times, it might be hard to justify changing farming practices or keeping up new ones, even if you know it might be better for your operation in the long run.

Our winter 2021 shop talks explored how can you make soil health and stewardship practices work in times of stress and uncertainty. Catch up on what you missed by watching the video recordings below.

Making Conservation Make Cents
Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

Learn ways to finance conservation practice implementation.


  • Paul Dietmann, Compeer Financial
  • Steve Stierwalt
, Illinois farmer and Illinois STAR program
  • Adam Chappell, Arkansas farmer 
Re-Thinking How We Manage On-Farm Nutrients
Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

Learn how to maximize the benefits of your nutrient resources through manure utilization and cover crop management.


  • Tony Peirick, Wisconsin farmer
  • Dale Macheel, Wisconsin farmer
  • Dr. Josh McGrath, University of Kentucky Soil Management Specialist
Making Progress through On-Farm Trials
Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

Learn from farmers embracing innovative approaches and stressful conditions to improve their own operations.


  • Amber Radatz, Wisconsin Discovery Farms
  • Steve Stevens, Arkansas farmer
  • Adam Lasch, Wisconsin farmer
Farmer-to-Farmer Perspectives to Help You Nail Down Your Next Steps
Wednesday, March 17th, 2021

Let’s have an honest discussion about the economics, practicality, and reality of conservation practices in times of farm stress.


  • Adam Braun, Illinois farmer
  • Cody Rakes, Kentucky farmer
  • David Arant, Mississippi farmer
  • Adam and Betsy Lasch, Wisconsin farmers

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This series is organized by a multi-state collaboration of land grant universities in Mississippi River Basin states of the Midwest and Mid-South, funded by the U.S. EPA under cooperative agreement MX – 00D87719. Collaborating universities include Mississippi State University, University of Kentucky, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Arkansas, and University of Illinois.