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Climate Intersections Conference: Taking Care of People, Water, and the Land
July 12-14, 2022 in Duluth, Minnesota

How can water professionals work with local communities effectively to foster resilience and equity in a changing climate?

Join us to explore this important question with fellow water professionals from land grant universities, nonprofits, government agencies, tribes, and the private sector across the North Central Region and beyond.

The North Central Region Water Network is hosting the Climate Intersections Conference July 12-14, 2022, in Duluth, Minnesota to connect water, climate, and natural resource professionals and help increase the scope and positive impact of their water outreach and research efforts.

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Climate change has become a defining factor for the work of water, climate, and natural resource professionals within the North Central Region. Helping farmers and communities prepare for extreme weather events and other climate changes that could undermine their resilience has moved to the center of much of our work. Also accelerating in importance are solutions that combat the inequity of climate impacts and ensure the health and well-being of all people.

The Climate Intersections Conference will feature emergent research and key programming that can facilitate solutions for resilient and equitable agricultural systems, communities, and watersheds throughout the North Central Region and beyond.

It will also provide a long-overdue opportunity to gather in-person with water, climate, and natural resource professionals across the region, learn from one another, and brainstorm ways to collaborate to increase the scope and impact of our work moving forward.

We are excited to announce that Kyle Whyte, a professor and organizer working at the University of Michigan, will serve as our keynote speakers on Wednesday, July 13th! Kyle will discuss Indigenous peoples and climate justice and the type of relationships needed to create coordinated action to adapt and mitigate climate change. Learn more about Kyle and his work.

The conference will have three tracks:

  • Creating resilient agricultural systems
  • Adapting communities to extreme weather
  • Working in watersheds in times of change

Stay tuned – more information on the conference program will be available shortly!