The Current Webinar Series

The Current is a speed networking webinar series for professionals engaged in water-related extension, research, and conservation activities. The North Central Region Water Network and Extension Directors from all 12 North Central states are sponsoring this series to highlight the best water-related research and Extension programming in the region. Webinars will run for 60 minutes, with three 10-minute project snapshots and 30 minutes of QA/peer-to-peer interaction.

Most Recent Webinar:

Results from a Regional Youth Water Education Needs AssessmentView the Presentation Slides
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 2pm CT

With the increasing demand of agriculture, urban growth, and climate change on water quality, effective water management is critical. However, before water can be effectively managed individuals need a solid knowledge of water resources, natural and anthropogenic influences, changing and emerging threats to water, and how local water issues affect world water supply.  Evidence suggests that many Americans lack these foundational components. An important step in shifting this trend begins with our kids.

Tune in on Wednesday, February 12th for the next edition of The Current, where we will hear from the Network’s youth water education team who will summarize the results of their recently conducted youth and water needs assessment. The team will overview their findings on the water curriculum currently being used throughout the region, aspects of youth water education that effectively engage youth, and the barriers educators both in and out of Extension face when conducting youth water education.

Featured Speakers:

  • Justin Hougham, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension, Director, Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center
  • Kristi Lekies, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
  • Zuzana Bohrerova, Research Scientist, The Ohio State University, and Associate Director, Ohio Water Resources Center.

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