North Central Region Water Network 2016 Conference

From Science to Success: Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice in Water Resource Management

March 21-23, 2016, Lincoln, Nebraska
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Conference and Working Session March 21 – 22, 2016
Sandhill Crane Spring Migration Viewing and Nebraska Water Resource Field Tour (3 pm, March 22 to 2:30 pm, March 23)


The Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker, Lincoln, Nebraska

Who Attended?

  • Extension educators and university researchers
  • Selected partners

Conference Objectives:

  • Increase awareness of water-related issues, research, and Extension programs providing benefits across the North Central Region
  • Strengthen professional networks among land grant universities, agency, industry, and NGO partners
  • Strengthening water research and outreach in the North Central Region
  • Provide feedback for Network Leadership and Extension Directors on direction of the North Central Region Water Network

Topics of Focus:

  • Watershed leadership and management
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Managing agricultural drainage water
  • Climate change in agriculture and community development
  • Youth and water literacy and stewardship
  • Other topics chosen by conference participants


Extension programs across the North Central Region have a lot to offer to the people we serve and to our colleagues across the region. The purpose of 2016’s conference, From Science to Success: Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice in Water Resource Management, was to strengthen our ability to “get to impact” – to learn more about what we can do in the context of the land-grant mission to increase the adoption of best water resource management practices.  The conference brought Extension educators and researchers together to 1) meet and learn from their colleagues; 2) meet and learn from partners; and 3) deepen working relationships among participants to address high priority areas for water research and outreach.

In addition, attendees had an opportunity to participate in our Nebraska Field Tour courtesy of our host, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Participants traveled from Lincoln to Kearny, learning about Nebraska’s natural resources, agriculture, and communities along the way.  At Kearny, they experienced the Platte River’s internationally celebrated Sandhill crane migration at the Lillian Annette Rowe Bird Sanctuary and learned more about water resource management in the Platte River Basin, partnerships and programs that are growing agricultural literacy in Nebraska, the science and practice of agricultural irrigation, on-farm research to improve nitrogen use efficiency, and innovations in Lincoln’s wastewater treatment systems.

Conference Presentation Recording Links:

Chuck Hibberd and Ronnie Green:
What we know about the process and methods session:
Presentation by Network Initiatives:
Sonny Ramaswamy:
John Phillips:
Moving From Science to success:
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