Lois Wolfson of MSU Awarded Distinguished Academic Staff Award

This story was originally published on MSU today and has been edited and republished here. NCRWN is excited to announce that Lois Wolfson was recently awarded Michigan State University‘s Distinguished Academic Staff Award! Lois, who is a critical member… Read More

Telling the Story of Conservation in the Fox River Valley

Northeast Wisconsin is home to Green Bay, the world ‘ s largest freshwater estuary. The region is also responsible for 30 percent of the state ‘ s milk production. Historically, ” big dairy ” and ” clean water ” would have been viewed as the ultimate contradiction. However, there are… Read More

Eastern South Dakota Water Conference Brings Diverse Stakeholders to Discuss Future Water-Resources

State and regional water conferences bringing stakeholders together to learn about various water-related issues are a common occurrence. One such conference, the Eastern South Dakota Water Conference, has been held for over ten years. This year’s event, which… Read More

Soil and Water Conservation Society: Looking Ahead

The following interviews have been edited for style and clarity.    Conservation is a word that has sparked in popularity over the past few years.  Often paired within stories around climate change, pollution, and negative narratives, conservation is… Read More

Network Impact 2020 Initiatives and Capacity Building

The North Central Region Water Network is pleased to announce the North Central Region Water Network Impact 2020 Initiatives and Capacity Building Initiatives for 2018.  Thanks to the Network Leadership Team, Regional Administrative Council, and initiative leads for… Read More

ThinkWater Fellows Announced for 2017-18

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE USDA-Funded Fellowship Enables Regional/State Water Experts to Incorporate Systems Thinking in Education, Outreach, and Extension. Ithaca, N.Y.  March 27, 2017 ThinkWater is excited to announce the selection of ten leaders in water education, outreach, and… Read More

Waste Water?

Manure.  One stage in a rich, life-giving cycle from sun, soil, and water, to  plant, to animal, to kitchen table, and back to the soil again. Sometimes we call manure animal waste. This term signifies a break in… Read More

Water as an Economic Good

By: Rebecca Power In today’s world, communication in the public sphere is not for the faint of heart. Communicating about how we value and manage water is no different. One of the practices that critical thinkers and effective… Read More

Can We Create A Clean Water Economy?

A new report from the Risky Business Project, founded by economic powerhouses Henry Paulson, Michael Bloomberg, and Tom Steyer takes a clear-eyed look at the at the economic risks of climate change and, more importantly, the economic opportunities… Read More

Spiny Water Fleas, a Cautionary Tale

By: Rebecca Power   My home watershed is Lake Wingra, Yahara Watershed, Dane County, Wisconsin. Sometime right around 2009, the spiny water flea was found in Lake Mendota, a part of the chain of rivers and lakes in… Read More