Equipping Ranchers to Adapt to Drought in North Dakota

Calf in yard

Over the past two years, summers have been especially tough for North Dakota ranchers. The bulk of the water needed for livestock comes from surface water, and low rainfall totals in 2017 drastically decreased surface waters, leaving ranchers… Read More

Memorial Day Reflections

The English word “holiday” originated over 1,000 years ago. In Old English, it took the form of háligdæg, háli-dæig. The first two definitions of holiday in the Oxford English Dictionary are: A consecrated day, a religious festival. Now usually… Read More

New Soil and Water Curriculum for Youth out of Purdue Extension

Purdue Extension has recently developed a new youth education curriculum for Indiana 4-H that focuses on two of the most important natural resources: soil and water.  The digital and online program is designed for young students of all… Read More

North Central Extension Tribal Water Summit Planned for August

The Network’s tribal collaboration team has taken major steps since its development in the summer of 2016. The team, along with collaborators and leaders across the region, have worked to expand Extension collaborative programming and partnership among state… Read More

Addressing Lake Management in the Pond Capital of Ohio

Harmful algal blooms or HABs are present across the North Central Region, and Ohio is no exception.  In fact, for many Ohioans the issue is especially close to home. 2011 saw a record-breaking blue-green algal bloom in Lake… Read More

Webinar: Wetland Values for Water Management

Mark your calender’s for Wednesday May 9th when we hear from wetland experts across the region as they overview the impact agricultural activities have on wetland flora and fauna and the value of wetlands in agricultural landscapes. Speakers… Read More

Bittersweet Earth Day

Earth Day fell on a Sunday this year. With a nod to my need for introvert time, I celebrated in the garden. Wheel-barrowing finished compost from back yard to front, getting my hands in the soil, and seeding… Read More

Announcing Two New Network Projects Focusing on HABs

The North Central Region Water Network is pleased to announce two new seed-funded projects beginning in May 2018, addressing harmful algal blooms (HABs) in the North Central Region and beyond. The Network is partnering the Water Resource Research… Read More

Do larger American cities risk a run-in with Day Zero?

Natural resource geek that I am, I must confess that seen very few natural disaster movies. My small list includes James Cameron’s 1997 film  Titanic, Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 film  Contagion, Craig Gillespie’s The Finest Hours (2016), and Roar Ulthaug’s Norweigian film The… Read More

Lois Wolfson of MSU Awarded Distinguished Academic Staff Award

This story was originally published on MSU today and has been edited and republished here. NCRWN is excited to announce that Lois Wolfson was recently awarded Michigan State University‘s Distinguished Academic Staff Award! Lois, who is a critical member… Read More