Climate Change and Adaption

Changes in climate impact agriculture and water quality in the North Central Region. Extreme weather events can drastically impact our waterways and crop productivity. Climate variability creates shifts in crops, cropping seasons, and plant hardiness zones. Moreover, the management practices used to adapt to these changes greatly influence water quality and supply making climate education and outreach critical. The following resources and initiatives relate the climate change and adaption.


North Central Climate Collaborative (NC3)


NC3 Webinar: Weather, Climate, and Trends in the North Central Region

NC3 Webinar: Preparing for Climate Extremes in North Central Region

NC3 Webinar: Climate Impacts on Water Management in North Central Region

NC3 Webinar: Climate Impacts on Beef Cattle Selection and Grazing Management

NC3 Webinar: The Effect of Climate Change on the Economics of Conservation Tillage: A Study Based on Experimental Data in Indiana

NC3 Webinar:  Communicating Climate Change for Extension

NC3 Webinar: Regional and Local Climate Services

Regional Publications

Coordinating Climate Outreach in the Great Lakes Region

Core Competencies on Climate Change for Community Outreach Professionals

Extension Climate Adaption Needs Assessment


Convention on the Protection and use of Transboundary Water Courses and International Lakes