Lois Wolfson of MSU Awarded Distinguished Academic Staff Award

This story was originally published on MSU today and has been edited and republished here. NCRWN is excited to announce that Lois Wolfson was recently awarded Michigan State University‘s Distinguished Academic Staff Award! Lois, who is a critical member… Read More

Tackling the Science Communication Puzzle

For those of you I haven’t met, I’m Anne Nardi and I joined the NCRWN team in October as the network’s marketing and communications specialist. Now, if you, like many of the science professionals I have met in… Read More

Can Manure Improve Soil Health?

This post was originally published on the Soil Health Nexus blog.  It has be adapted and re-published here. Is there a correlation between soil health (or soil productivity) and manure? A report recently released from the Soil Health… Read More

Diverting Runoff One Garden at a Time

As part of Kara Salazar’s work  as Sustainable Communities Extension Specialist for Purdue University’s Department of Forestry and Natural Resources and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant , she runs the Sustainable Communities Extension Program. The program works to support community planning and sustainable… Read More

The Strange Case of Rattlesnake Ridge

There are few things that are certain in life, big or small. Big like the stock market, trade deals, and elections. Small like, well . . . that all depends on your perspective. A change in a school… Read More

Telling the Story of Conservation in the Fox River Valley

Northeast Wisconsin is home to Green Bay, the world ‘ s largest freshwater estuary. The region is also responsible for 30 percent of the state ‘ s milk production. Historically, ” big dairy ” and ” clean water ” would have been viewed as the ultimate contradiction. However, there are… Read More

2017 Network Milestones

As a new year begins, and we take time to set new goals and resolutions, we would also like to take a moment and recognize the great work of our network initiatives in 2017. Each initiative is taking… Read More

Making Connections through Cover Crops

Indiana is ground zero for cover crop adoption in the US, which made Indianapolis a great place to host this year’s National Conference on Cover Crops and Soil Health. The Soil and Water Conservation Society and the Howard G. Buffet Foundation provided a… Read More

Eastern South Dakota Water Conference Brings Diverse Stakeholders to Discuss Future Water-Resources

State and regional water conferences bringing stakeholders together to learn about various water-related issues are a common occurrence. One such conference, the Eastern South Dakota Water Conference, has been held for over ten years. This year’s event, which… Read More

November 2017 Director’s Update

A Plate Full of Thanks My Thanksgiving plate was full this year, and for that, I am grateful. I am grateful to all of the people who made the meal possible – the turkey farmer, the cranberry grower,… Read More