Network Impact 2020 Initiatives and Capacity Building

The North Central Region Water Network is pleased to announce the North Central Region Water Network Impact 2020 Initiatives and Capacity Building Initiatives for 2018.  Thanks to the Network Leadership Team, Regional Administrative Council, and initiative leads for… Read More

The Issue of Clickbait and Exaggeration in Environmental Journalism

Humanity has 20 years to shape up or face mass extinction.  Sounds scary, right?  If this headline popped up on your news feed, it would be next-to-impossible to ignore your curiosity and not click.  However, once you dive… Read More

Director Update: June 2017

In last month’s column, I wrote that Kansas is green this season. The same above average rainfall greening up the rolling hills of eastern Kansas is also greening up lakes and rivers across the Upper Midwest and causing… Read More

First Confirmed Snakehead Fish Caught in Mississippi Lake

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 8, 2017   JACKSON –  A Northern Snakehead Fish was caught in Lake Whittington, an oxbow lake of the Mississippi River in Bolivar County, by bow fishermen Brad Baugh and Bubba Steadman, of Cleveland,… Read More

Photos more credible, cartoons more persuasive

With all else identical in a brochure, when a cartoon is swapped for a photograph, the cartoon is more cognitively engaging. However, photographs are believed to be more credible. Using cartoons may be a more effective way to… Read More

Water is a hot topic with New Hope

Water is a hot topic in the Town of New Hope, Wisconsin. Those of you that work and live in small communities across the Midwest would recognize the people and the stories as similar to your own. There… Read More

Illinois Under Siege: Experts Discuss Invasive Species Threats

URBANA, Ill. – Fig buttercup may have an innocent-sounding name, but it is anything but sweet. The small yellow flowering plant creeps across forest floors, crowding out native spring ephemerals and other understory plants. Try to pull it… Read More

ThinkWater Fellows Announced for 2017-18

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE USDA-Funded Fellowship Enables Regional/State Water Experts to Incorporate Systems Thinking in Education, Outreach, and Extension. Ithaca, N.Y.  March 27, 2017 ThinkWater is excited to announce the selection of ten leaders in water education, outreach, and… Read More

New lecture series named for renowned aquatic biologist

Date: March 29, 2017 Source: Eric Larson, 217-300-3197, News writer: Debra Levey Larson, 217-244-2880, URBANA, Ill. – What makes a stream or river healthy? In the years following the growth of the environmental movement in the… Read More

Waste Water?

Manure.  One stage in a rich, life-giving cycle from sun, soil, and water, to  plant, to animal, to kitchen table, and back to the soil again. Sometimes we call manure animal waste. This term signifies a break in… Read More